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Replica’s Patterns Application enables customers to measure the relative uptick (or drop-off) in popularity at specific locations on specific days and times.

With patterns, you can analyze custom geographies, select the date and time of interest, and choose the comparison window. The tool quantifies the relative change in activity in that location between the two periods.

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In Action

The app unlocks dozens of analyses, including:

  • Measuring ROI on Major Investments: Quantify the impact of investments like office-to-residential conversions, new infrastructure, or special events
  • Measuring Economic Impact: Understand the effects of initiatives like Open Streets or events like Labor Day Parade by quantifying visit increases.
  • Measuring Economic Spillover: Gauge the impact of events like sports games or festivals on nearby areas by comparing patronage on “game days” to “off days”.
  • Understanding Impacts of Work from Home: Measure neighborhood impact on days when employers require in-office work vs. remote work days.
  • Understanding Weather Impacts on Economic Activity: Quantify differences in visits on sunny vs. rainy days, or normal vs.extreme heat days
  • Making YoY and MoM Comparisons: Evaluate if special events generate the same impact as in previous years
  • Traffic, Tourism, and Public Safety Management

Introducing Replica’s Patterns App: A New Tool for Measuring Economic Impact

Use Cases

Replica has helped more than 150 customers across the United States make informed decisions to create stronger, more resilient, and more equitable places.

Redmond, WA

The City of Redmond, WA wanted to understand the economic impact of Derby Days, an event held every summer.

Using Replica, the City quantified the increase in visits and activity generated downtown over the course of the 2-day event.

Derby Days brought an estimated 15% more visitors downtown than compared to a typical Summer weekend.

Baltimore, MD

Replica used the Patterns App to understand how Orioles home games impact the activation of the Inner Harbor shopping + restaurant corridor. 

We compared the relative number of visits to Inner Harbor on summer Tuesday and Wednesday nights when the Orioles were home versus on nights when there wasn’t a game. 

When looking at the surrounding neighborhood (excluding Camden Yards itself), we see a 27% increase in visits to the Inner Harbor on game Tuesdays and Wednesdays, compared to non-game Tuesdays and Wednesdays during June, July, and August. Combining this insight with Replica’s consumer spend data, we can estimate that these games generate hundreds of thousands of dollars of extra spending each game night, in just one square mile.

Alameda, CA

The Alameda Point Antiques Faire is the largest such show in Northern California. The first Sunday of each month, thousands of patrons and nearly a thousand vendors make their way to the retired Naval Air Station on the west end of Alameda Island. 

With Patterns, we can quantify this uplift. We looked at 2023 to compare the relative number of visits on Faire days vs. all other Sundays across the island.

In the downtown core, during the summer, there is a 5.1% uptick on Faire Sundays as compared to other Sundays. Especially in warm weather, the spillover in economic activity is significant.