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Webinar Recording

Accessing Rich Active Transportation Data in a World Where it Seems to be Disappearing

May 24, 2023
60 minutes

Webinar Recording

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About the Webinar

Active Transportation is an important part of what makes our communities more sustainable and more livable. To improve bike and pedestrian safety and encourage mode shift in our cities, planners and decision makers need the best data available to make sound decisions on infrastructure that support active modes. However, this type of data has been increasingly hard to access, and due to changes in the location based services data, some providers have stopped providing active transportation data altogether.

In honor of Bike to Work Month, Replica brought together public and private leaders in active transportation planning to discuss how they’ve overcome challenges in the bike and pedestrian data space. We went deep on innovative, effective, data-driven approaches they use to continue enabling more sustainable modes of transportation in their communities.
In this webinar we discussed:
  • The limitations and challenges of traditional bike and pedestrian data
  • How traditional bike and pedestrian data has evolved over time
  • How Alta Planning + Design uses data to effectively model sustainable mode solutions
  • Replica’s unique approach to bike and pedestrian data
  • How to overcome today’s data challenges to build better bike and pedestrian infrastructure

Transit Agency Leaders, City leaders and managers, public policy leaders, state and local government agencies, transportation planners, consulting firms, private companies, mobility companies, real estate leaders, community advocates.


Replica provides data that empowers more informed, impactful decisions about the built environment. Our mission is to organize the world’s information about the built environment. In this webinar we featured the following speakers:
Arthur Getman
Senior Solutions Engineer
More info

Arthur Getman is a Senior Solutions Engineer at Replica. He has previously worked at NYC DOT for nearly a decade where he served as Director of Data Analytics.

David Wasserman
Data Science Practice Leader: Alta
More info

David works at the intersection of urban informatics, 3D visualization, geospatial analytics, and visual storytelling. He brings years of experience and passion to applying scientific computing, spatial analysis, and scenario-focused storytelling toward the development of effective transportation planning solutions aimed at improving communities. David joined Alta in 2020, after working for six years at Fehr & Peers advancing their analytics practice. He has experience working on multimodal transportation plans, bicycle master plans, systemic safety studies, python tool & web applications, advanced data visualizations, parking studies, direct ridership models, and station area plans. His current areas of focus are enabling data-informed scenario planning, identifying how to align community goals to metrics to track progress towards them, incorporating civic data science into projects with web-delivery and computer vision derived datasets, and generating accessibility metrics that can identify the possible benefits of projects and who they go to.

Grace Young
Civic Data Analyst II
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Grace joined Alta in 2021 following her graduation from the University of Washington as a Master of Urban Planning with a focus in urban analytics. In addition to an exuberantly positive attitude, she brings experience in travel demand modeling, network and GIS analysis, along with an undergraduate engineering education. Grace is passionate about spreading joy through active transportation alternatives, improving community health outcomes, and finding ways to make biking in the Seattle rain more tolerable. Outside of work, she enjoys watching women’s sports, swimming, ultimate frisbee, and blueberry pancakes.

Grant Shirts
Senior Transportation Planner
More info

Since 2018, Grant has contributed to both RTC’s modeling team and regional planning team. Grant believes that the small things planners do make a surprisingly great difference and that, through analysis, planners can sometimes reveal what those small things are. Grant’s primary role, within the metropolitan planning organization, is to transform data into useful information. A technology enthusiast, he often leverages geographic information systems and the R programming language in his work. Grant holds a B.A. in Humanities from Brigham Young University–Idaho and a M.S. in Urban and Regional Planning from The University of Iowa. In 2021, Grant achieved his goal of becoming a member of the American Institute of Certified Planners. Grant is a transit commuter and recreational bike rider. He and his wife Nikol are the proud parents of two daughters, ages two and five.

Sam Roxas
Director of Public Policy
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Samantha Roxas is Director of State and Local Public Policy at Replica. Prior to joining the company, she led public affairs teams for REEF Technology and WeWork, where she accelerated growth through innovative partnerships with governments and communities. Before her time in the private sector, Samantha spent over a decade in the public realm; spearheading public policy, communications, and political strategies for elected officials at all levels of government.

Will Rogers
Active Transportation Planner II
More info

As an Active Transportation Planner, GIS analyst, and a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, Will is passionate about engaging the public in meaningful ways to create safe and comfortable spaces for all to enjoy.

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