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Webinar Recording

Replica Scenario: Forecasting the Future

January 19, 2023
60 minutes

Webinar Recording

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Scenario is Now available

As of January 19th, Replica Scenario is available for Public Agencies and Partner Consulting Firms. Please feel free to reach out to the Replica team to discuss how Scenario can fit into your organization's plans.

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About the Webinar

Cities are in the midst of unprecedented transformation. Historic levels of investment are flowing to local governments to recover from the pandemic, adapt to the “new normal,” and make places more equitable, sustainable, and livable.

Whether you’re working to improve your city’s transportation system, revitalize your downtown core, forecast tax revenues, boost emergency preparedness, understand the housing needs of your community, or compete for federal funding, Replica’s insights can help you see your city better, respond to the ever-changing needs of your residents, monitor impact of your interventions, and forecast what’s to come. We know it’s difficult and time-consuming for transportation professionals to access and update models for scenario planning. With Replica Scenario, any planner, analyst, or modeler can use our pre-built standard scenarios or generate their own forecasts based on our models and expansive datasets. Web-based tools make it simple to access, query, filter, visualize, and share results among your staff, consultants, and partner agencies. We’re shortening the time it takes you to generate high-quality transportation scenarios, and making it easier for everyone to benefit from the insights that will drive decision-making in your city, state, or region.
In this webinar we discussed:
  • The Launch of Replica Scenario
  • How Scenario can be used to forecast activities and travel demand
  • Applications for scenario & available projection types
  • Outputs from Scenario and what you will receive

Public policy leaders, state and local government agencies, transportation planners, consulting firms, private companies, Reconnecting Communities Pilot applicants, and community advocates.


Replica provides data that empowers more informed, impactful decisions about the built environment. Our mission is to organize the world’s information about the built environment. In this webinar we featured the following speakers:
Andy Treidman
Senior Product Manager
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Andy Triedman is a Staff Product Manager at Replica, focused on Scenario and modeling improvements. Prior to joining Replica, he worked in venture capital at Innovation Endeavors and consulting at Bain & Company.

Barbara Zubek
Marketing Manager
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Barbara Zubek is the Marketing Manager at Replica. She has over a decade of working in the private and public sectors. Before Replica, Barbara was the Director of Communications at Morreale Communications, specializing in transportation and planning projects in Illinois.

Corwin Bell
Product Manager
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Corwin Bell is a Product Manager at Replica with experience in consulting, the public sector, and academic research. Prior to Replica, Corwin was a transportation planning consultant at Fehr & Peers, specializing in transportation data analysis and modeling projects.

John Buckholz
Solutions Architect
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John Buckholz is a solutions architect at Replica. He serves as an expert of Replica’s product and data, and partners with customer success managers to help users unlock the power of our data and achieve their objectives. He was previously a transportation project manager at AECOM.

Sean Johson
Vice President, State and Local Sales
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