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Webinar Recording

Introducing Replica's Safe Streets Planner Tool

March 20, 2023
60 minutes

Webinar Recording

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About the Webinar

In this webinar, we spoke about the launch of the Replica Safe Streets Planner, a new tool that combines active transportation and driving event data to allow agencies to map existing conditions, analyze specific corridors, and generate their own high-conflict corridors and action plans.

Following the demo, we sat down with Karina Ricks from Cityfi and Gregory Francese from the City of Hoboken to talk about how their organizations are leading the way in designing for safety. Karina brought her experience at Pittsburgh DOT, DDOT, and FTA to the table. She highlighted her international, city, federal, and private sector experience to bring together government, community, and companies in collaborations that advance core values of equity, safety, climate preservation, and economic growth. Gregory Francese, a Transportation Planner at the City of Hoboken, spoke about how Hoboken has become a nationwide leader in designing safe streets. 
In this webinar we discussed:
  • The Replica Safe Streets Planning Tool
  • Safety success stories in Hoboken in a discussion with Gregory Francese
  • Best practices from Cityfi, featuring Karina Ricks
  • Applicable use cases for using big data in safety planning



Transit Agency Leaders, City leaders and managers, public policy leaders, state and local government agencies, transportation planners, consulting firms, private companies, mobility companies, real estate leaders, community advocates.


Replica provides data that empowers more informed, impactful decisions about the built environment. Our mission is to organize the world’s information about the built environment. In this webinar we featured the following speakers:
Arthur Getman
Senior Solutions Engineer
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Arthur Getman is a Senior Solutions Engineer at Replica. He has previously worked at NYC DOT for nearly a decade where he served as Director of Data Analytics.

Gregory Francese
Transportation Planner
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Karina Ricks
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Karina Ricks is a Partner at Cityfi. She leverages her international, city, federal and private sector experience to bring together government, community and companies in collaborations that advance core values of equity, safety, climate preservation and economic growth. Karina’s background and expertise span and integrate transportation and mobility with physical and digital infrastructure, systems and data, land use planning and urban design, and community and economic development.
Her previous professional roles include serving as Associate Administrator for Innovation, Research and Demonstration at the Federal Transit Administration of USDOT; founding Director of Pittsburgh’s Department of Mobility and Infrastructure; Director of Transportation Planning for Washington, DC; and Office Director and Sector Leader for Nelson\Nygaard Associates.

Karina has led and championed a number of groundbreaking initiatives including Universal Basic Mobility, open interoperability specifications for transit data systems, integrated mobility payment systems, equitable telecommunications management, smart and adaptable traffic systems, and launching what was hailed as the nation’s first Mobility as a Service system (MovePGH) - among others. Karina has led both system and organizational transformations to modernize processes, better deliver projects and develop strategic roadmaps for planning, capacity building, and project funding. She is an experienced policymaker at both the municipal and federal levels. She brings entrepreneurial solutions to leverage public private partnerships for the public good.

Karina is rooted in a commitment to authentic collaboration, human centered design, and continuous learning.

Karina is a Fulbright Scholar, holds a Master’s Degree in City and Regional Planning from Cornell University and a pre-law degree from the James Madison College of Michigan State University. She has served as a strategic advisor to the World Bank and international observer with the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).

Nick Bowden
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Steven Turell
CMO & Chief of Staff
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